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Avatar Slide Image - Module, Plugin

Compatibility : Joomla 2.5

The AvatarSlide is a simple slideshow module/plugin is based on the Jquery and the Easing Plugin. This module/plugin will load & display images in the local folders that  are selected with some options allow you to control the slideshow.


PRO Version:

  • Support create multiple instances on one page (pro-version only).
  • Support multi selection of Album Folder.
  • Support random effect in Easing Plugin.
  • Use  arrows to next or prevour slider.
  • Easy to Change Size of slideshow, Time display for one image.
  • Easy to Customize Navigation tabs (such us size of Navigation tabs, number of thumb displayed) and items auto slide.
  • Auto-playing (optional feature, can start playing or stopped)
  • Support the wheelup and wheeldown to previous|next item in the list
  • Support preload images before play a slideshow.

FREE Version:

  • Single instances on one page.
  • Slide 10 Images.

MODULE AvatarSlide & Configuration:

Login to Joomla Control Panel page as Administrator

  1. Choice Extension>Module Manager.
  2. Click New.
  3. choice Avatar Slide Image.

  • Set the parameter for your slide.
  • Hold CTRL and click to choice multi Folders Album
  • Folders Album must be in root_joomla/images/your_folder_album



Insert this syntax to your joomla’s articles.

{avatarslide src=… height=… width=… auto=… time=… thumb=…/ }

Example :

{avatarslide src=images/Bed width=600 height=500 auto=false time=2000 thumb=6/}

{avatarslide src=images/JSlide2 width=980 thumb=10/}

{avatarslide src=images/album  time=3000/}

Options :

  • src : Path of album folder (a folder in joomla root. Ex: images/yourfolder)
  • height : Height of slide (px)
  • width : Width of slide (px)
  • auto : Auto playing (true/false)
  • time : time to silde image (should be more than 1500 mls).
  • thumb : Number of thumb displayed in navigation bar

(Note: Enable AvatarSlide Plugin in Plugin manager)